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1. International Kromasil®-Day Chromatography Forum

Everything you always wanted to know about Kromasil®...

Without the method of reversed-phase chromatography life would not be the same in many areas as e.g. chemistry, pharmacy, food and environmental analysis. Here the number of applications is proportional to the large variety of different reversed-phase selectivities. The distinction between the different materials can be challenging, but the large number of phases appears counterproductive.

With an exclusive selection of high-quality reverse-phase materials the ideal solution for common and uncommon separation problems can be found. The 1st International Kromasil®-Day provides a comprehensive insight into the potential of liquid chromatography from the analytical up to the preparative scale and gives important tools for the optimal use of Kromasil® in the different areas of HPLC.

The adequate selection of selectivities as well as the most important parameters for method development and optimisation including error prevention will be discussed. Finally this chromatography forum will be used for the presentation of new products and important tools for an optimal scale-up of analytical methods.

A pdf-file including the application form as well as the agenda is ready for download under www.sequant.de/aktuell/doku-pdf/Einladung_Kromasil_Day.pdf. Each participant will receive a complete set of information including the presentations and a certificate. The participation is free of charge!

Date: 06th April 2006 , Place: Ismaning (Munich)

Organisation: SeQuant GmbH / Kromasil® , Phone: +49(0)2364-50446-0

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