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Advancing your Surface Science. As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions - our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting. These include seminars, technical service, our Customer Support Lab and our Surface Science Center for professional measurement services. Our exclusive distribution network and our subsidiaries in Hamburg, the US, Great Britain and France allow us to provide fast, flexible support for R&D labs and in quality control throughout the world. Our expertise, precision and passion have already convinced many prestigious companies in countless industries.

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  • News

    KRÜSS opens own subsidiaries in China

    Since July 1, 2016, KRÜSS GmbH has its own representation in the People’s Republic of China. With first branches in Shanghai and Beijing, the instrument manufacturer for interfacial chemistry has launched its own subsidiaries at these two economically important locations. The company based ... more

    Why Antarctic penguins do not freeze

    Antarctic penguins are masters in adapting to their environment. One of the most impressive examples of this ability has to date puzzled scientists: penguins dive through freezing cold water and yet they are able to move about on land afterwards in extremely low temperatures of around -40 ° ... more

    KRÜSS in Vietnam represented by DKSH with immediate effect

    As a new exclusive distributor for KRÜSS GmbH, DKSH Holding AG is taking over the sales responsibility in Vietnam for the manufacturer of surface chemical measuring instruments. In doing so, KRÜSS will be further expanding its presence in East Asia, where the Hamburg-based company is alread ... more

  • Videos

    Measuring Surface Free Energy in a Second with Only One Click

    Quick and mobile SFE determination with contact angles of two liquids measured in parallel Our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA measures the wettability of a sample based on contact angles. To determine the surface free energy (SFE) of a solid surface, two test liquids are used – one polar (us ... more

    Scientific Analysis of Liquid Foams

    Reproducible, precise and process-related measurements A particular strength of our DFA100 is the exceptional reproducibility of foam height measurements thanks to an accurately controlled foaming process with electronic gas flow or stirrer control. The optical sensor measures the quantity ... more

    Measurement of Interfacial Tension in an Extremely Wide Range with Especially Simple Sample Exchange

    Our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT measures interfacial tension with a high degree of accuracy and a particularly wide measuring range. The SDT is the ideal solution for the quality control and development of emulsions and surfactants thanks to its enormous bandwidth, small sample volumes ... more

  • Events
    Bristol, GB

    Contact angle seminar

    Seminar content - Theoretical introduction to contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion - Illustration of how contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion are related - Detailed explanation of various measurement techniques - Presentation of application cases and solutions - Demon ... more

    Bristol, GB

    Surface tension seminar

    Seminar content - Fundamentals and applications of tensiometry - Static and dynamic methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension of liquids - Demonstration of methods described in lectures - Example applications from research and development presented by guest speakers - Determina ... more

    19-03 – 20-03
    Hamburg, DE

    Focus seminar with Dr. Kash Mittal: Adhesion Science and Technology

    Our focus seminars concentrate on one important industrial application area of interfacial chemistry in an intensive two-day course. Together with our seminar team, an internationally recognized specialist carries out the respective seminar, covering scientific and measurement technical asp ... more

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