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  • Carbon capture is helped by oil revenue, but it may not be enough

    The oil industry incentivises the development of carbon-capturing tech, but researchers say this will not reduce emissions to low enough levels. Carbon dioxide can be used to extract oil, accelerating the development carbon-capturing technologies and limiting climate change. However, in a new analys more

  • Huge carbon sink in soil minerals

    A Washington State University researcher has discovered that vast amounts of carbon can be stored by soil minerals more than a foot below the surface. The finding could help offset the rising greenhouse-gas emissions helping warm the Earth's climate. Marc Kramer, an assistant professor of environmen more

  • Trash to treasure

    Instead of hauling food waste to landfills, we might want to use that organic waste to power garbage trucks, your car, truck or SUV while at the same time potentially helping the environment. Organic waste such as yard trimmings, paper, wood and food produces millions of tons of methane emissions at more

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  • Storms await weather executive at climate agency

    President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a wealthy businessman with no scientific expertise. That's unusual for an agency traditionally led by administrators holding scientific doctorates. But Barry Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, the for more

  • Mechanochemical synthesis of small organic molecules

    Abstract With the growing interest in renewable energy and global warming, it is important to minimize the usage of hazardous chemicals in both academic and industrial research, elimination of waste, and possibly recycle them to obtain better results in greener fashion. The studies under the area more

  • Billionaire's gift pushes ocean sensors deeper

    Every day, 3800 robotic floats bob up and down, tracking temperatures in the world's oceans, which sop up an estimated 90% of the heat from global warming. In the course of a decade, the international Argo array has provided one of the steadiest signatures of the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. more

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Economics of global warming

Economics of global warming The economics of global warming refers to the projected size and distribution of the economic costs and benefits of global warming , and to the economic impacts of actions aimed at the mitigation of global warming ... more


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