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Particle Size Analysis from 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm with up to 217 Measuring Points

R-Series: Latest Generation of Sympatec Laser Diffraction Sensors

HELOS /BR with RODOS for particle size analysis of finest dry powders

HELOS/BR with QUIXCEL for particle size analysis of suspensions and emulsions

HELOS/KR with OASIS (RODOS & SUCELL) for combined particle size analysis of dry powders as well as suspensions and emulsions

Sympatec’s well-established HELOS laser diffraction series together with the unequaled dry dispersing system RODOS provides a reliable technology for particle size distribution analysis of powders, aerosols, sprays, suspensions and other particulate systems for more than 30 years. The modular instrument concept enables product oriented applications by multiple dispersing and dosing systems: dry products should be dispersed dry, whereas suspensions need to be analyzed wet and sprays of course as aerosols.

Available disperser and dosing units – modular diversity
(application range)

  • RODOS – injection disperser for finest, even cohesive dry powders (0.1 to 3,500 µm)
  • GRADIS – gravity disperser for coarser, even fragile, dry, particulate systems (0.5 to 8,750 µm)
  • SUCELL – wet disperser for emulsions and suspensions (0.1 to 875 µm)
  • QUIXEL – wet disperser for emulsions and suspensions, even with coarser, high density particles (0.1 to 3,500 µm); heatable (option)
  • CUVETTE – wet disperser for precious or toxic emulsions and suspensions of small sample volume (0.1 to 3,500 µm)
  • OASIS – combined dry and wet disperser, consisting of RODOS and SUCELL
  • SPRAYER – actuator for the analysis of spray cones released by MDIs, pump sprays or sprays with propellants (0.25 to 1,750 µm)
  • INHALER – vacuum controlled adapter for the analysis of aerosols released by DPIs, MDIs, nebulizers, pump sprays or sprays with propellants (0.25 to 1,750 µm)
  • VIBRI – vibratory feeder for precise dosing and feeding of dry particulate systems (in combination with RODOS, GRADIS or OASIS)
  • ASPIROS – micro dosing system for feeding of small amounts of precious or toxic dry substances in encapsulated sample vials (in combination with RODOS or OASIS)

The sole use of classic laser diffraction in parallel beam using forward scattering only (low angle laser light scattering (LALLS)) with all optical components consequently aligned along the optical axis is an unparalleled feature of the HELOS sensor. This setup guaranties both, a high reliability of measurements and a good comparability of the measuring instruments to each other. Premium optical modules allow for selection of the optimal measuring range for highest resolution of the samples to be characterised. Up to 8 focal distances harmonically complement each other, while a multi element detector provides 31 single measuring points, respectively.

The R-Series has decisively increased the options of HELOS-sensors using automatic measuring range combination. Now complete analysis of extremely wide distributions covering a ratio x90/x10 > 1,000 can be performed. This means up to four independent measuring ranges from 0.1 µm up to 8,750 µm can be actuated automatically. Out of up to 124 reported intensities a single particle size distribution is evaluated covering the total measuring range while showing up to 62 classes depending on the overlap of the single measuring ranges.

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