Particle Size and Stability Analysis of Opaque Suspensions and Emulsions

The Top 3 Advantages

Particle size analysis independent of particle concentration in the nano range


Significant expansion of the concentration range through elimination of multiple scattering


Reliable results with minimal sample preparation effort

Measurement of high concentrations with dynamic light scattering and PCCS from 0.5 nm to 10,000 nm

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is commonly used to characterise nanoparticles. In conventional photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), the scattered light intensities of thermally moved particles are autocorrelated to determine the particle size distribution of nanosuspensions.

With photon cross correlation spectroscopy (PCCS), NANOPHOX opens up the analysis of the size of nanoparticles in opaque suspensions and emulsions in a size range from 0.5 nm to 10,000 nm at up to a hundred times higher solid contents, thus we can measure close to the natural initial state of the sample.

The amplitude of the cross-correlation function allows direct measurement of changes in particle number and size. Differentiated measurements of agglomeration and sedimentation behaviour as well as statements about the stability of the dispersion are thus feasible.

The NANOPHOX system with its powerful control and evaluation software meets the safety requirements of the FDA and complies with 21 CFR Rule 11.

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