Analysis of particle size and particle shape in laboratory and process from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

The Top 3 Advantages

Product-oriented analysis of particle size & shape through modular dosing and dispersing systems


Highest resolution of the particle spectrum with 4 MP high-speed camera & wide measuring range


Evaluation of statistically relevant particle numbers with powerful modes for meaningful results

Fast, reproducible and comparable measuring results with dynamic image analysis

The image analysis sensor QICPIC combines size and shape analysis of disperse particle systems. Using modular dispersing and dosing units for dry and wet applications, the measuring device ensures a product-specific characterisation.

Outstanding performance features are illumination times in the nanosecond range and an image acquisition frequency of up to 500 frames per second. The extremely short exposure times ensure capturing and clear imaging of even fastest singular particles. Using powerful algorithms, QICPIC is evaluating millions of particles in shortest time and guarantees outstanding statistically relevant results. Most prominent features are speed, reproducibility and comparability of measurement results at optimized sample quantities.

The user-friendly PAQXOS control and evaluation software guarantees fast measurement sequences. It presents meaningful results in a particle gallery, videos, customisable graphs and tables.

An analysis of particle size and shape in the process environment is realised with the image analysis sensors PICTOS, PICTIS & PICCELL.

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