Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution in Laboratory and Process from below 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm

The Top 3 Advantages

Product-oriented particle size analysis through modularly adaptable dosing and dispersing systems


Highest resolution of particle size distribution with up to 8 discrete measuring range modules


Best reproducibility of results and excellent system-to-system comparability

Analysis of powder, granules, suspensions, emulsions and spray with laser diffraction

With its diffraction arrangement in the parallel beam path, the Sympatec HELOS laser diffraction series offers a powerful technology for particle analysis of dry and wet disperse systems. Product-specific adaptation of the modular laboratory system is achieved by various dispersing and dosing units.

The dry measurement of disperse powders in the aerosol free jet of the RODOS dry dispersion is unsurpassed. With the parameter-free Fraunhofer evaluation down to the submicron range, the best resolution due to the highest measurement signal density with discrete measurement ranges and powerful evaluation algorithms (Fraunhofer & Mie), HELOS sets standards in reproducibility, comparability and accuracy - dry and wet.

For real-time measurement of dry powders in the process, the MYTOS combines the proven core technologies of the HELOS & RODOS laboratory system in a robust, industrial design.

The user-friendly PAQXOS control and evaluation software guarantees fast measurement sequences and presents meaningful results in customisable graphs and tables.

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