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Irspirit Series: Little Footprint and High Possibilities

Ultra-Small Footprint Meets Exceptional Ease Of-Use and Functionality

IRSpirit Series associate one of the smallest footprint with high sensitivity and stability. IRPilot software make IRSpirit's use easier than ever...


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Compact UV-VIS spectrophotometers: top in terms of stray light, spectral range and scan speed

Spectrophotometers UV-2600 and UV-2700 from Shimadzu for a wide variety of applications

High-precision UV-VIS spectrophotometers with “best in class” performance and new software for easy hardware validation....


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Fully automated blood sample preparation for LCMS

Shimadzu's CLAM-2000 module accelerates and simplifies LC-MS sample preparation

Higher productivity, fewer human errors: The compatible CLAM-2000 module automates the pretreatment of blood samples and other biological liquids...


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Automate failure analysis using the FTIR microscope AIM-9000 from Shimadzu

The infrared microscope for fast and easy observation, spot definition, measurement and identification

Automated failure analysis and micro sample evaluation in the pharmaceutical and other industries using Shimadzu’s AIM-9000 FT-IR microscope....


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TOC-L: Next generation of top global sellers for determining TOC (Total Organic Carbon)

Small footprint, power-saving TOC analyzers - many options and modules, standalone or PC-controlled

Shimadzu’s TOC-L series of analyzers use catalytic oxidation at 680°C with subsequent NDIR detection to determine total organic carbon (TOC)....


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