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Surface Chemistry

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Accurate Wetting Analysis for Varying Samples and Tasks

Our contact angle measuring instrument Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 adapts quickly and flexibly to frequently varying sample types and tasks. more

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  • How to control liquid crystal patterns

    When Lisa Tran set out to investigate patterns in liquid crystals, she didn't know what to expect. When she first looked through the microscope, she saw dancing iridescent spheres with fingerprint-like patterns etched into them that spiraled and flattened as the solution they were floated in changed more

  • AkzoNobel completes expansion of Surface Chemistry plant in China

    AkzoNobel has completed the €4.8 million expansion project at its Surface Chemistry facility in Boxing, China, significantly increasing the company's regional product portfolio and reconfirming its commitment to the Asian market. Being able to supply higher value products means AkzoNobel Specialty C more

  • Nanoscale islands dot light-driven catalyst

    Individual nanoscale nuggets of gold, copper, aluminum, silver and other metals that capture light's energy and put it to work are being employed by Rice University scientists who have discovered a way to build multifunctional nanoscale structures. The structures have an aluminum core and are dotted more

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Repelling April Showers

How chemistry can help repel water from surfaces as April showers approach. more

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Advances in Filter Membrane Surface Characterization

Zeta potential analysis with the new SurPASS 3 from Anton Paar opens up new possibilities in the surface characterization of membranes used in complex industrial processes or novel scientific applications. It provides insights into membrane surface chemistry and elucidates the membrane’s interaction


Surface charge monitoring to analyze adsorption and desorption behavior

The Streaming Potential technology, which measures the surface zeta potential of solid materials, is a fast and easy way to characterize surface charge, functionality and the effectiveness of surface treatments. Streaming potential, being a surface sensitive technique, is easily influenced by change


Zeta Potential Solutions in Product Formulations

Zeta potential is an important parameter that relates surface chemistry and product performance and is both a function of the particle surface and the dispersant. This introduction reviews zeta potential theory, measurement and applications

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  • Towards nanomedicine

    Diamond nanoparticles or nanodiamonds (NDs) behave several essential assets for biomedical applications: their very weak cytotoxicity and genotoxicity [1], their carbon-related surface chemistry for covalent functionalization of targeting or labeling moieties (oligonucleotides, proteins, fluorescent dyes, peptidic nucleic acids [2],…) and their tunable surface charge toward drug delivery [3]. In particular, detonation nanodiamonds synthetized by explosion [4] combine all this possibilities in a primary size of 5 nm, compatible with kidney filtration for an expected easier elimination. Nevertheless, these NDs are extremely sensitive to their surface state. more

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