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Acrylic Polymers

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  • Oil absorption performance of polymer/clay aerogel materials

    ABSTRACT Oil absorption performance of aerogels produced from poly(amide‐imides), epoxies, and acrylic polymers were dependent upon freezing conditions, which in turn dictated solid state structures of these materials. Denser aerogels have less void space, and are more efficient at filling that more

  • Controlled and sustained release of a corticosteroid drug from block copolymers synthetized by ATRP

    During last decades, implantable drug delivery systems (DDS) have been developed to optimize therapeutic properties of drugs and ensure their release in a specific site. Acrylic polymers have obtained growing interest in biomedical applications for their biocompatibility and chemical properties th more

  • Organocatalyzed Group Transfer Polymerization

    Abstract In contrast to the conventional group transfer polymerization (GTP) using a catalyst of either an anionic nucleophile or a transition‐metal compound, the organocatalyzed GTP has to a great extent improved the living characteristics of the polymerization from the viewpoints of synthesizi more

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  • Colorful off-odors in artists’ paints

    Acrylic-based paints are among the most frequently used by artists. Although they can be produced on a water basis and with low levels of volatile substances, they often still possess a strong inherent smell. However, no targeted studies have as yet been conducted to identify odor-active substances in acrylic paints. more


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