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Dr. Straetmans GmbH, Germany


United Technologies UT AG, Switzerland


Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA, Germany

For over 130 years, Dr. Paul Lohmann® has been able to establish and maintain its leading position as an international manufacturer of mineral salts that meet only the highest quality standards reliably serving the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and technical industries. Dr. more

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System for lipid nanoparticle formulation research

Determine conditions for optimal API encapsulation results ✓ Scalable results: can be transfered to large-scale KNAUER IJM equipment ✓ Produce amounts enough for in vitro studies and small-scale production ✓ more

Look up Industrial Syntheses of 2,600 APIs

One-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance more

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  • LANXESS expands capacity of microbial active ingredient Preventol CMK by 50 percent

    LANXESS is expanding its production capacity for the active ingredient Preventol CMK (chlorocresol) at the Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, site by around 50 percent in response to the continuing strong demand for disinfectants and industrial preservation. The specialty chemicals company has invested a s more

  • Chemists are able to induce uniform chirality

    Chirality is a fundamental property of many organic molecules and means that chemical compounds can appear in not only one form, but in two mirror-image forms as well. Chemists at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg have now found a way to spontaneously induce chirality in crystalline, liquid- more

  • Faster characterization of organic salts

    UZH researchers have developed a novel method that speeds up the process of determining crystal structures of organic salts and significantly reduces the effort required to do so. As about 40 percent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients are salts, this new crystallographic method is set to great more

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Active ingredient

Active ingredient An active ingredient, also active pharmaceutical ingredient (or API), is the substance in a drug that is pharmaceutically active . Some medications may contain more than one active ingredient. The traditional word for the API ... more


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