About ASCA

Founded in 2000 ASCA GmbH is an independent and privately owned laboratory for chemical synthesis.

The company is based in Berlin-Adlershof, Germany. A well experienced team of PhD chemists and technicians, ´state-of-the-art´ laboratory facilities, the required analytical methods and literature data bases are available.

Our clients include research-based pharmaceutical companies, supplier of fine chemicals and analytical standards, contract research organizations, government and private testing laboratories, universities and research institutions.

ASCA provides their clients with expertise in advanced organic synthesis. We offer a wide range of common pesticides, mycotoxins, APIs and metabolites as labelled and unlabelled reference substances.

The chemical purity of the reference substances is generally ≥ 98% (HPLC), the deuteration degree is ≥ 98% (determined by NMR). If 13C-labeled substances specifying the marker level is based on the certificate of the starting material used. Each product will be delivered with a Certificate of analysis.

The labelled substances are available in quantities of 1 to 2000 mg.

We will gladly make you an offer.

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chiral compounds
isotope labeled compounds
natural products
residue analysis

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