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PROCHEMA Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., Austria

PROCHEMA is specialized in marketing, sales and logistics of chemical raw materials, intermediates and additives. more

OQ Chemicals Corporation, USA

OQ Chemicals (ehemals OXEA) ist ein weltweiter Hersteller von Oxo-Intermediaten und Oxo-Derivaten wie Alkohole, Polyole, Carbonsäuren, Spezialester und Amine. Diese werden zur Herstellung von hochwertigen Beschichtungen, Schmierstoffen, kosmetischen und pharmazeutischen Produkten, Aroma- und Duftsto more

Aug. Hedinger GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Distribution of chemicals, specialized in trading according to GMP with starting materials with complete certificate of analysis for the pharmaceutical industry. more

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The Chemistry of Pumpkins

With a week to go until Halloween, it’s time to get carving pumpkins! Before you do, check out this graphic on the chemistry of pumpkins I made for C&EN last year. Stay tuned for more Halloween-related chemistry over the coming week! more

The Chemistry of Elderflowers & Elderberries

In late May and early June, the winding pathways of the English countryside are festooned with the delicate white blooms of the elderflower. As the end of the summer eventually arrives, these blooms will have been transformed, and the bushes will be heaving under the weight of clusters of hundreds o more

What Causes The Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass?

The second in the ‘Aroma Chemistry’ series, this graphic examines the smell of fresh-cut grass. This is oft-mentioned when discussions of favourite smells come up, so what are the chemical compounds behind it? Grass emits volatile organic compounds normally, even without being cut. Research has show more

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Alcohol and cancer

Alcohol and cancer "Considerable evidence suggests a connection between heavy alcohol consumption and increased risk for cancer, with an estimated 2 to 4 percent of all cancer cases thought to be caused either directly or indirectly by alcoholR ... more


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