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International Alliance for NanoEHS Harmonization (IANH)

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Creation of protocols for a limited number of toxicology tests on a small number of representative nanoparticles to enable a ‘round robin’ study in which identical results will be sought. This will involve at least the use of nanomaterials and biologicals from a common source and a single set of protocols. The implementation of a round robin laboratory set of tests based on these protocols. Ongoing and further development of in vitro and in vivo protocols that take into consideration nanomaterial physicochemical properties and quantitative structure function relationships at the nanobio interface.

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    Scientists form alliance to develop nanotoxicology protocols

    A team of materials scientists and toxicologists announced the formation of a new international research alliance to establish protocols for reproducible toxicological testing of nanomaterials in both cultured cells and animals. The International Alliance for NanoEHS Harmonization (IANH) wa ... more

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