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  • Artificial Intelligence has learned to estimate oil viscosity

    A group of Skoltech scientists developed machine learning (ML) algorithms that can teach artificial intelligence (AI) to determine oil viscosity based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data. The new method can come in handy for the petroleum industry and other sectors, which have to rely on indire more

  • Heavy-petroleum fuels raising vanadium emissions

    Human emissions of the potentially harmful trace metal vanadium into Earth's atmosphere have spiked sharply since the start of the 21st century due in large part to industry's growing use of heavy oils, tar sands, bitumen and petroleum coke for energy, a new Duke University study finds. "Human emiss more

  • Established Construction Material: Ceresana publishes study on the European market for bitumen

    For centuries, bitumen has been used in a wide variety of applications, mainly in the production of asphalt. The viscous mixture is very important in the construction sector in particular. Ceresana is currently publishing a complete overview of the European market for bitumen: Analysts expect total more

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The Chemistry of Mummification

Mummies are, perhaps, the easiest go-to costume for Halloween: grab some bandages, drape yourself in them, and job done. However, there’s a little more behind the traditional embalming process used in Ancient Egypt, as well as a surprising amount of chemistry. Here we take a look at the chemicals us more

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Bitumen from Iran , dated 1180-1210. Composed of brass worked in repoussé and inlaid with silver and bitumen. NY Metropolitan Museum.|100px Bitumen is a mixture of organic liquids that are highly viscous , black, sticky, entirely soluble in ... more


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