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Carbon Clean Tech GmbH, Germany

We produce alternative carbon nanostructures (carbon black) and oil for industrial use. Our products are made by processing end-of-lifecycle rubber products and scrap material. Thanks to our innovative technology, we do not use any natural resources as feedstock. This leads to a five-fold value cr more

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The Perfect Solution for Every TOC-Analysis: multi N/C

Standard-compliant Working ✓ Easily measure parameters such as TC, TIC, TOC, POC, NPOC, TNb etc. even in complicated matrices ✓ Reliable and maximum operational safety ✓ more

Reliable C/S/Cl solids analysis with multi EA 4000

High application diversity (TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC, BOC) ✓ Low maintenance and low operating costs ✓ Fully automatic solid sampler with high sample throughput ✓ more

News Carbon

  • Novel nonwovens are electrically conductive but thermally insulating

    Researchers at the University of Bayreuth present novel electrospun nonwovens in "Science Advances" that exhibit an unusual combination of high electrical conductivity and extremely low thermal conductivity. The nonwovens represent a breakthrough in materials research: it has been possible to decoup more

  • How football-shaped molecules occur in the universe

    For a long time it has been suspected that fullerene and its derivatives could form naturally in the universe. These are large carbon molecules shaped like a football, salad bowl or nanotube. An international team of researchers using the Swiss SLS synchrotron light source at PSI has shown how this more

  • Crab shells could help power the next generation of rechargeable batteries

    Anybody who has ever enjoyed fresh crab legs or lobster tails can attest to how difficult it is to get through their tough shells. But instead of just throwing them away, researchers are “upcycling” these shells into porous, carbon-filled materials with a wide variety of uses. Now, a team reporting more

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The Perfect Solution for Every TOC-Analysis: multi N/C

multi N/C is the ideal system for routine applications, such as the examination of drinking and waste water, or special applications, such as pharmaceutical purification validation.The modular versatility and comprehensive range of accessories guarantee for every user an individual adaptation to the more

Infographics Carbon

The Chemical Elements of a Smartphone

There are an isolated few graphics online that look at elements involved in the manufacture of a smartphone – for example, this ‘Periodic Table of iPhones’ – but there’s actually remarkably little easily accessible information out there that details the specific compounds used for specific purposes more

Group 4 Elements

This latest infographic focuses on the Group 4 (Group 14 in IUPAC nomenclature) elements. One extra fact to add for the curious: although tin has the greatest number of stable isotopes, Xenon trumps it comprehensively if unstable isotopes are also included in the count, with well over 30 possible is more


You may not have been aware, but this week is Graphene Week 2015, which marks a yearly week-long conference at the University of Manchester based around the emerging science and technological applications of graphene. This seemed as good a time as any to take a look at graphene: what it is, why some more

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Reinforced carbon-carbon

Reinforced carbon-carbon leading edge taken from Discovery , showing brittle failure of RCC due to foam impact reproducing the conditions of Columbia 's final launch. Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (carbon-carbon or RCC) is a composite material co ... more


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