Real Macro Elemental Analysis: C, S and Cl Solid Analysis with Multi EA 4000

Multifunctionality + Ease of Use + Flexible Analysis + Stability and Precision of Performance

The EA 4000 is versatile, reliable and easy to operate, yet offers real macro elemental analysis of soil samples, sediments, construction materials, fuels, ashes, polymers, wastes, catalysts, minerals and fertilizers.

Sample weights up to 3 g can be analyzed with ease using the multi EA 4000 – no laborious sample homogenization is necessary.

The HTC (High Temperature Ceramic) technology is extremely robust and needs no catalyst; it’s easy to run precise analyses, even with aggressive and corrosive samples at high temperatures!

The special wide-range NDIR detector allows the simultaneous detection of carbon and sulfur over a broad, dynamic measuring range, all the way from ppm up to percent. Made from highly resistant materials, with a specialized optical configuration and efficient gas cleaning, this system requires very little maintenance and has long-term stability, even for the most challenging applications like direct TOC measurement.

Elemental carbon or decomposable organic carbon determinations are also easy with the multi EA 4000. A broad-range coulometer with a patented combination electrode is available for chlorine analyses across a wide range.

A large-capacity is optionally achieved thanks to a fully automated solid sampler which transfers the sample boats to the combustion furnace to get automated C, S and Cl analyses with amazingly high sample throughput. The sampler is also optimized for automated TOC determination.

The multi EA 4000 gives you fully automated determination of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and TIC (Total Inorganic Carbon) samples, with autosampler control in a single analysis process.

Additional features, such as the Self Check System (SCS), intuitive software navigation and an integrated “cookbook“, give you the best reliability, efficiency, flexibility, precision and safety.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Highly convenient operation
  • Unique application diversity
  • Intuitive software navigation
  • Preset standard methods
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Low operating costs
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