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The VICI Precision Sampling catalog offers Gastight syringes, HPLC syringes and much more

The VICI Precision Sampling catalog offers a wide range of syringes for chromatography:

  • Gastight syringes for sampling, injection and transport of volatile liquid and gaseous samples
  • HPLC syringes with injection volumes between 0.01µl to 500ml for Valco®, Cheminert® and Rheodyne® injection valves
  • Mininert™ valves for autosampler vials, test tubes and flasks for the safe storage of standards or volatile substances. Prevents evaporation through a penetrated seal.
  • Accessories for the sampling from gas cylinders
  • Micro valves for manual switching of liquids (500 psi) and gases (200 psi)


For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

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