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Gas generators offer a safe, convenient and cost effective alternative to gas cylinders

VICI DBS gas generator product overview for all you analytical gas requirements

Hydrogen Generators

The PG Plus Series provides superior performance with proprietary electrolytic cell technology combined with high quality components and a unique hydrogen drying solution. Ideal for use with gas chromatography detectors such as FID, NPD, and FPD.

The NM Plus Series enhances the high performance of the PG Plus with the addition of a unique no maintenance purification system.
This results in ultra-high purity carrier grade gas. With its highly sophisticated software control and safety alarm capability it presents the GC user with the opportunity to reap the benefits of hydrogen carrier gas while overcoming the safety concerns.

With flow rates from 100 to 1,350 ml/min and pressure up to 11 bar high purity gas can be supplied to multiple GC’s from one small bench top generator. Hydrogen is produced on-demand, to meet the specific application requirements, which ensures a safe, reliable and controlled supply of gas. 

Nitrogen Generators

VICI DBS nitrogen generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air into a safe regulated supply of Ultra High Purity nitrogen. For LC/MS, ELSD and ICP generators utilise a high- performance membrane to produce flow rates up to 120 lpm at 8 bar. Generators are available as stand-alone systems supplied from an external compressed air supply, or as full ‘plug and play’ systems including internal oil free compressors.

For GC applications, including carrier gas and ECD the VICI DBS nitrogen generators utilizing a superior quality carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and innovative column switching to produce 99.999% hydrocarbon free gas. With minimal maintenance and operator attention there are an ideal alternative to inconvenient, high pressure gas cylinders.

Many more gas generators for further applications can be found in our catalogue.

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