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  • TECHNO SEMICHEM Co.,Ltd (036830) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    TECHNO SEMICHEM Co., Ltd. (TECHNO SEMICHEM) is a Korea-based manufacturer of chemicals for semiconductor industry. The company engages in the manufacture and supply of chemicals and advanced materials including chemical vapor deposition (CVD)/ atomic layer deposition (ALD) products, etchants/cleanin more

  • Production and Market of Pigment in China

    This report provides comprehensive understanding to Chinese pigment industry, as well as the major products, such as titanium dioxide pigment, iron oxide pigment, lithopone and chrome pigment. Development history, production situation, import & export, consumption and price are introduced. Future fo more


Chrome plating

Chrome plating Chromium plating solutions There are two types of chromium plating: industrial and decorative. Industrial chromium plating is also referred to as Hard Chrome or Engineered Chrome. There are two types of Industrial chrome plati ... more


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