About Qpinch

Qpinch is a radical innovation in industrial heat pump technology that brings a quantum leap to industrial energy efficiency.

Inspiring ourselves on the energy system in all living cells – the ATP-ADP cycle – we designed a heat transformer that upgrades waste heat to process heat. The industry primarily uses heat – not electricity – to drive its processes. When it has served its purpose, this process heat becomes waste heat that is disposed of through cooling systems.

In many cases, we can turn 50% of that residual heat back into process heat, which means less energy input is needed. Because we use a reversible chemical reaction – just like nature does – we do not require large amounts of electricity, as is the case with, e.g., mechanical heat pumps. Our solution is, therefore, highly scalable: from 1 to 100+ MW. This is an energy efficiency breakthrough for many large-scale industrial processes where no viable alternative is available.

The bottom line is that we can make industrial processes up to 50% more energy-efficient, bringing substantial cash savings and emission reduction.

We transform waste heat from 50 °C and higher into process heat of up to 200  °C for processes in refineries, chemicals, petrochemicals, food, and paper industries.

Facts about Qpinch
  • Focus : Service
  • Employees: 5,001-10,000
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Qpinch

Product portfolio

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