Superseven was founded by Katja Seevers, Hannes Füting and Sven Seevers in 2017. Superseven stands for a holistic product development process and considers the entire product life cycle including raw material extraction, processing and disposal.

Our products are thus biologically or technically recyclable. They all have positive properties.

Superseven has specialised in recyclable product developments with a focus on compostable packaging solutions.

With the Repaq packaging brand, Superseven is the first company in Europe to offer transparent film packaging that is certified garden compostable when printed in colour.

Facts about SUPERVEN
  • Founding: 2017
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

Product portfolio of SUPERVEN

Product portfolio

bottom-folding bags
flat bags
flat strip film
flowpack packaging
semi tubular films
sustainable packaging
tubular bag films
tubular bags

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