Our Mission:

We make an easy tool available to the employee of a production, which enables him or her to detect complex correlations per pattern recognition within processes of production, to monitor critical effects in real-time and to raise disposability and quality of production itself immediately. We call this fusion of hardware, software and most recent algorithms '​'Signal Empowering Technology'​'​. The incredibly easy usage of this most complex technology moves our ideas forward

Our Story:

It all began 2016, when the unsupervised pump cellar of the Helmut-Schmidt-University (HSU) in Hamburg caught fire. The question arose quickly at the „Institut für Maschienelemente und Rechnergestützte Produktentwicklung", short MRP, whether this could have been prevented by the/a proper monitoring technology. We also wanted to know, where these products were available and which methods of data science they would use for this purpose. After a thorough research we came to the conclusion, that former obtainable products were not only technically unsatisfactory, but also all known AI Methods not functional for this kind of use case and additionally every required infrastructure way too expansive.

Facts about PANDA
  • Founding: 2018
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : IT

Here you will find PANDA GmbH