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THE G.RAU GMBH & CO. KG is a global supplier focused on metal processing, which has been at home in the highly complex and diverse world of metals for over 140 years, just like any other company.

Well over 200 different metals and metal alloys are processed and finished into products at G.RAU. This makes us the expert for the production of strips, tubes and wires made of precious metals, special alloys and composite materials. In addition, we manufacture precision parts and complex assemblies from these preliminary products.

Founded in 1877 for the local jewelry industry, the supplier company has constantly changed and developed. This makes it the world's leading specialist for metal solutions, also thanks to its state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. It is precisely this flexibility, coupled with a willingness to innovate and reliability, that our customers appreciate. G.RAU has thus established itself as a preferred supplier to many well-known companies, primarily in the automotive supply industry, electronics and electrical engineering, measurement and control technology and medical technology.

Today, G.RAU is a family-owned company in the metalworking industry with around 650 employees and three production sites in Pforzheim, one in Costa Rica and a subsidiary in the USA. G.RAU is also the parent company of several well-known suppliers for medical technology. The two Pforzheim-based companies EUROFLEX GmbH and ADMEDES GmbH belong to this group. Both companies are world market leaders in their product areas. While EUROFLEX mainly sells tubes for implants, ADMEDES specializes in the production of components made of Nitinol. A further five companies currently belong to the G.RAU Group with around 1,480 employees in Germany, USA and Costa Rica.

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