About Cambridge Sensotec

Cambridge Sensotec Ltd is an ISO9001 accredited company, dedicated to advancing excellence in gas analysis. We manufacture and distribute our Rapidox gas analysers from our factory near Cambridge, UK, exporting across the globe through a network of international distributors.

Our Rapidox analysers are noted for their ease of use, high sensitivity (particularly at very low oxygen levels), rugged design & long life expectancy, manufactured by our team of technologists with over twenty years experience in the field of oxygen sensors and electronics.

We design single, dual and multiple gas analysers for analysing combinations of gases including; O2, CO2, CO, CH4, SF6, H2O, H2S, H2 and SF6. The Rapidox precision instruments are designed for industrial processes, quality control applications and environmental monitoring. They are used within academic institutions and laboratories worldwide.

Facts about Cambridge Sensotec
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