About Zeocem

The Zeocem joint stock copany has a 50 years record of experience in processing natural materials. By mining and refinement of mineralogical products we became one of the most important zeolite product manufacturers in Europe.

A zeolite deposite of worldwide outstanding purity and our careful methods of processing natural raw materiale places us in a position to Orfee products of highest quality.

The whole production process is accompanied by quality assurance.

Based on co-operation with reputable experts and renowned instituts, we continually develop new and improve current applications. Our products are registered and certified. The Zeocem Sales Department arranges for timely and safe delivery of the products to our customers directly based on the special requirements of customers with respekt to packing and dispatching.

Facts about Zeocem
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Zeocem

Product portfolio

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