About Flowid

Flowid is leading in continuous process solutions.

From process development services to convert batch processes in to continuous processes, to the engineering and construction of skids based on flow technology. These continuous solutions are offered on a laboratory-, pilot- and production scale.

With Flowid's proprietary SpinPro technology, a unique continuous flow reactor is provided to control fast exothermic multiphase reactions, and performing precipitation and emulsification applications.

Key features are; • Excellent mass transfer • Excellent heat transfer • Closed system • Economic and safe operation due to low reactor volume • Scalability from R10 to SpinPro R300 for tonne-scale production • Modular set up enabling custom configurations

With SpinPro technology more efficient and safer process conditions are met, investments (CAPEX) can be reduced significantly. Often quality is improved, the yield increased with less byproduct formation and the final product properties improved. Typically CAPEX reductions of 20-70% can be realised depending on the process. Main drivers are the lower costs of safety measurements and work up installations.

In most applications we see a significant decrease in operational costs (OPEX), due to the higher efficiencies and less workup of the product, even to the extent that processes could be performed undiluted, saving tremendously on workup.

Further advantages are easy shut down, cleaning and start-up. A major benefit is the flexibility to make different products in the same installation due to fast turnaround. The SpinPro can be stopped, cleaned and restarted within a few hours.

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  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies

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