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The Ruhr Area is home to one of Europe’s largest and most densely populated integrated production sites, the Marl Chemical Park. On the site’s 6.5 square kilometers (2.5 square miles), some thirty different companies manufacture over four thousand different products. Seventy percent of the approximately 10,000 employees in the chemical park work for the Industrial Chemicals, Coatings & Additives, Consumer Specialties, Health & Nutrition, and Performance Polymers Business Units of Evonik Industries.

The site is operated by Infracor GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Evonik Degussa GmbH, which provides a comprehensive range of services for the local companies, offering everything required for the operation of chemical process facilities.

Thanks to a direct link to the German highway system, an on-site harbor, 100 km of railroads and some 55 km of roadways, the site offers optimal traffic connections. The energy needs of the chemical park are met by two coal-fired power plants and a natural gas power plant. Products & Services

Evonik produces a variety of chemical raw materials at the Marl site. These include:

* Acrylic acid for hygiene products, for the packaging and cable industries, and for use in landscaping and gardening * Environmentally friendly fuel additives to enhance the octane number, which replace lead compounds * High-performance plastics for the automotive industry, toothbrushes, for use in sports, medical technology, and optical applications * Hotmelt adhesives for films, carpet adhesives, and sneakers * Production facility for manufacturing and regenerating catalysts

Facts about Evonik
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 10,001+
  • Industry : Chemistry

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