About refuel.green

refuel.green is one of the world's most innovative start-ups in the field of e-fuels. Founded in Dresden in 2021, the team of ca. 10 engineers and entrepreneurs is committed to making a decisive contribution to a CO2-neutral global economy. Specifically, the innovative, plasmacatalysis-based "NextGen-PtX Reactor Unit" is being developed, built and marketed. In line with its holistic value proposition, the refuel.green GmbH also supports its customers with consulting on the technically and economically optimal integration of the units into existing production plants or into new projects. Thanks to this overall offer, refineries, for example, can convert their business operations, which are currently dependent on fossil crude oil, to the production of CO2-neutral, renewable e-fuels in a particularly competitive manner.

Facts about refuel.green
  • Founding: 2021
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of refuel.green

Here you will find refuel.green consulting & technologies GmbH