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We create the electronic invoices, which have been checked and controlled by the Topline® beforehand , against the cent , and then book them there automatically, of course, at the different cost centers. We relieve our colleagues in financial accounting, manual sorting and booking, the archiving of the invoices is carried out automatically, the invoices are checked and checked in the controlling department, responsible for the cost center, the evaluations can be generated daily and the colleague automatically The private conversations are processed interactively by the employee in a portal, the sum of the private discussions is made available to the payroll accounting as an interface, so that it is taken into account in the billing, in the technology The data of the landline and mobile phones are managed centrally and by all providers. We promise savings in the telecommunication sector and in the analysis using our modules, you will always find the right tariff with Topline ® .

Facts about WKS Winter Kommunikation + Software
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : IT

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