Advion Interchim Scientific


At Advion Interchim Scientific*, we deliver tailored solutions to meet our customers’ most challenging identification, quantification, and purification needs. Our unrivaled portfolio ranges from separation media and columns to consumables, accessories and instruments for Flash / Preparative Chromatography, analytical (U)HPLC and Mass Spectrometry. Here is a brief overview:

Compact Mass Spectrometry with Easy, Prep-Free Sample Introduction Techniques: The family of expression® Compact Mass Spectrometers (CMS) was developed with maximum versatility in mind, allowing users to quickly switch between various easy sample introduction techniques to ESI- or APCI-MS that require as little sample preparation as possible. The affordability, small size, and ease of use make it ideal for a variety of applications in chemical research, including quick testing for compounds, reaction monitoring, and teaching.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry: The new SOLATION® ICP-MS is the perfect instrument for highly sensitive measurement of trace elements in samples prepared from a variety of matrices such as water, soil, agricultural samples, food, beverage and even complex biological samples such as urine, serum, plasma or whole blood.

Nano-Electrospray Ionization Technology: The TriVersa NanoMate LESA® combines the benefits of chip-based infusion, fraction collection, and direct surface analysis in a nano-ESI system that, when combined with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, enables highly sensitive analysis.

Ultra-Performance Flash & Prep LC Systems for Low to High Pressure Purification of Small & Large Molecules with 3X Detection (UV/VIS, ELS & MS): No matter your expertise level, the puriFlash® LC Purification Platform piloted by the intuitive InterSoft® X software and intelligent Genius™ algorithms, allows routine to sophisticated purification of small organics, natural products, peptides and proteins. There is no risk of product loss thanks to sensors, overpressure management and pauses. The platform runs reliably 24/7 and requires minimal training and service.

A Wide Range of Best-in-Class Separation Columns and Consumables: Advion Interchim Scientific offers the widest range of columns for any of your separation needs, including over 30 different bonded phases for any application, as well as high-capacity columns. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of consumables and equipment for analytical sample preparation techniques like filtration, dialysis, centrifugation, extraction (SLE, SPE) and evaporation.

Innovative Synthesis Tools: Based on the exclusive German distribution rights from Radleys and Uniqsis, efficient heating, cooling and stirring devices as well as laboratory reactors are offered for single, parallel and flow chemistry synthesis setups.

Premium Fine Chemicals and Derivatives: The Advion Interchim Scientific catalog offers a top selection of high-quality substances, among them building blocks to perform combinatorial chemistry and screening compounds. Customs bulk syntheses are available upon request.

Life Science Supplies that Meet High Demands: Rely on our years of experience in selecting and selling antibodies, antigens, protein expression and molecular cloning systems to ensure optimal results in your life science studies. Bioanalysis is supported by providing reagents and kits for immunoassays and protein/DNA/cell detection.

*Advion Interchim Scientific is the market-facing name of a partnership between Advion, Inc. and Interchim SAS, separate companies that have agreed to market and distribute their products together.