About ProCepT nv

With 20 years of experience, ProCepT is the specialist in lab-scale R&D equipment, offering innovative solutions for drying, agglomeration, coating and mixing applications. Focussing on small-scale equipment, ProCepT's mission is to reduce and optimize customers R&D costs in particle processing. Worldwide ProCepT has built up strong references in Pharma, Biotech, Fine Chemicals, Nutraceuticals and Food. Our engineering concept is based on the four pillars of: modularity, visibility, accuracy and customization.

We can also put our particle engineering expertise to work for you with our contract research services, which range from process feasibility research to technology tranfer and scale-up consulting.

For two decades, ProCepT has been building an understanding of the requirements of scientists and labs for drying and formulation development solutions. With our focus on small-scale, tailor made R&D process equipment, we can help you to reduce and optimize your particle processing R&D costs.

ProCepT provides worldwide R&D process equipment and consultancy to clients in a broad range of sectors, including Pharma, Biotech, Fine Chemicals, Nutraceuticals and Food.

Facts about ProCepT nv
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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