iNovacia AB


iNovacia is a newly formed contract research organization spun out from Biovitrum AB. Our goal is to provide excellent drug discovery services at competitive prices. The process spans from assay development to lead optimization.

Our staff has a solid experience of industrial drug discovery research and state-of-the art technology, including functional cell based assays and advanced biophysical characterization of proteins and protein-ligand interactions. Hence, the compounds identified through screening will be thoroughly investigated to ensure that they act through the desired mechanism, are suitable for chemical expansion and fulfil basic ADME requirements.

We have no internal pipeline causing conflict of interest. All work is focussed on delivering the best possible result for each customer.

Screening can be done on our diverse high quality compound library which is proven to give hits well suited for lead optimization. Through collaboration with Asinex Ltd, a large set of their unique libraries is available for screening.

Our compound purification line can handle crude material up to 30 mg from library synthesis or singletons.