VTC Elastoteknik AB


VTC TPE thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), are mainly based on SBS, SEBS and EPDM, which combines the process properties of thermoplastics with the properties of vulcanised rubber. The material does not require vulcanisation, but feels and looks like rubber. The physical cross-linking of the VTC TPE molecules is reversible, which makes it possible to re-use all production waste and all defensive components. VTC TPE compounds flow at high temperatures and shear rates, but regains its original structure and stability when it cools down.

The versatility of styrene based VTC TPE compounds stem from its unique molecular structure, block co-polymer. The characteristic of this group is the tri-block structure, where the structure of the midblock determines the difference between the various styrene based grades. Thanks to the saturated midblock (without double bonds) VTC TPE compounds based on SEBS exhibits excellent weathering-, UV- and ozone resistance.