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Materials & Life Sciences: Particle Characterisation (Malvern), Rheology (Bohlin/Rosand), Stability (Formulaction), Dissolution (Distek), Contact Angle Measurement Instruments & Tensiometers (Krüss), Specific Surface Area (Bel), ICP & X-Ray Fluorescence (Spectro), FT-IR (Interspectrum OU), AAS / UV-VIS / Fluorescence Spectrometers (Hitachi), Infrared Spectrometer Accessories (Specac), XRF Sample Preparation & Accessories (Chemplex), Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (Smiths Detection), Centrifuges, Ovens, Incubators, Sterilizers, Freezers & Refrigeration, Laminar Flow Cabinets (Sorvall/Heraeus), Digital & Handheld Refractometers and Polarimeters (Atago), Centrifugal Evaporation (Genevac), Electron Microscopes (Hitachi), Atomic Force Microscopy (JPK), Sputter Coaters (Quorum), FT-IR Microprobe (Smiths Detection), Biochemical Reagents (iNtRON & Molzym), RT-PCR (Biogene), Bio Imaging Systems (DNR), Phenotype Micro Array (Biolog), Process Analyzers (Malvern, FormulAction, Spectro, Atago), Plasma Systems (PVA TePla). Environment & Safety: Air Sampling Pumps (Sensidyne / Gilian), On-line Dust Emission Monitors (Goyen), Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments (Rion), Portable Gas Detectors (Industrial Scientific Corp.), On-line Thermo- FID Systems (M & A), Noise Dosimeters (Metrosonics), Universal Gas Alarm System & Infrared Spectrometer for VOC’s (Siegrist). ICS: Software for Health IT, LIS (Sysmex) In Vitro Diagnostics: Haematology Systems, Urine Flowcytometers, Lab Automation, SIS Work Area Manager (Sysmex), Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Systems (Olympus), Lab Automation (Olympus) Automated Immunoassay Systems (Tosoh), Automated HbA1c Analysers (Tosoh), Cytospin Centrifuges, Staining Systems, Cystic Fibrosis analysers (Wescor), Sedimentation Rate Analysers, Filter Photometers (R & R Mechatronics), POC Testing, Electrophoresis and Coagulation Equipment and Reagents (Helena), Drugs of abuse (ABMC). Customised Cooling: Lab Refrigeration, Ultra-Low Freezers, Plasma Blast Freezers, etc (Nedlow), Temperature Storage Control Systems (Contronics).

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  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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