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Armen Instrument was founded in March 1994 in Vannes (Brittany, France) in the purpose of develop, manufacture and market innovative instruments in the field of fractionation and purification. In 1995, Armen Instrument introduced its first line of preparative and industrial HPLC pumps. As pump is the heart of LC system, this experience naturally brought us to develop complete flash and preparative systems as "turn-key" solution, but also complete industrial LC "custom" systems. Since June 2003, Armen Instrument focused its researches to "Centrifugal Partition Chromatography" (CPC/CCC), a new innovative silica free chromatographic technology. The last patented invention in this field, called "True Moving Bed" (TMB), allows continuous injections, and can easily be compared to “Simulated Moving Bed” (SMB) which works with traditional HPLC columns. In parallel, Armen Instrument set up an application laboratory for customer services, consulting and training on purification. Equipped with a large range of instruments, this laboratory can help for scale up and production, from bench to industrial scale.

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    Gilson announces the acquisition of Armen

    Gilson is pleased to announce the acquisition of Armen SAS. "The addition of the Armen Instruments product line allows Gilson to strengthen its purification solutions for every sample type, from manual to automated systems, addressing lab, pilot, and process scale solutions." said Atika El ... more

    Armen Instrument sold its Flash Chromatography branch of activity to Interchim

    Armen Instrument sold its Flash Chromatography branch of activity to Interchim. This sale will enable Armen Instrument to focus on its core businesses of developing and marketing preparative high-performance chromatography machines with modular and integrated systems, as well as Centrifuge ... more

    ChromSolutions announces distribution agreement with Armen Instruments

    ChromSolutions announced its agreement with Armen Instruments) to distribute its unique Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) range of instruments in the UK and Ireland. Armen instruments specialises in the manufacture of preparative and industrial scale instrumentation that can opera ... more

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