About Lach-Ner

Our goal: To become a sought-for supplier of pure chemicals, specialized services and innovative products.

The reason we run our business: To help people and companies achieve their objectives in the field of education, science, research and chemical and other production.

The values we share: - Enthusiasm for our customers and for our work for them - Honesty and responsibility - Competitiveness and the will to win - Creativity and innovation - Readiness and will to change ourselves - Team spirit

Pure chemicals lach:ner - Under our own brand lach:ner we offer a balanced portfolio of essential chemicals. The popularity of our chemicals results above all from the outstanding quality-to-price ratio, thorough and systematic quality control in our own laboratory, easy availability and comfortable and fast customer service.

Other pure chemicals - In addition to our own portfolio we provide high-level distribution of chemicals from Acros Organics, Fisher Chemical, Fisher Bioreagents and Maybridge. We cover 95% of a common chemist‘s needs of chemicals in a fast, ready and comfortable way.

Other lach:ner products – The products section of both our printed and online catalogue offers you a wide selection of volumetric solutions, normanals®, indicator and test papers, susceptibility test discs for microbiology, filtration papers, etc.

Specialized services – The background of a chemical factory and decades of experience in dealing with chemicals give us outstanding possibilities for offering various services in chemistry: custom adjustment, professional chemicals storing, job-order manufacturing, and global sourcing.

Facts about Lach-Ner
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Lach-Ner

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