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About Oetiker Metallwaren- & Apparatefabrik

For over 60 years, OETIKER has revolutionized clamping of hoses, pipes and other objects with a great variety of clamps and rings for a wide range of materials. – All of it complemented by a full choice of Quick Action and Swing Couplings. The OETIKER Group was founded in Switzerland in 1943 and is now a multinational company with a worldwide network of companies which together offer their customers comprehensive planning, construction, design and service support. OETIKER companies are strategically placed throughout the world to produce and supply connecting products. Manufacturing is standardized across all OETIKER production companies. OETIKER products are sold both by companies within the OETIKER Group and via a specially selected distributor network. The OETIKER name is a protected trademark which stands for quality, innovation and continuous improvement, both literally and in the spirit intended by the founder of the company, Hans Oetiker.

Facts about Oetiker Metallwaren- & Apparatefabrik
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Oetiker Metallwaren- & Apparatefabrik

Product portfolio

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