About LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant

Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH continues the long-standing tradition of producing and selling hydroxybenzoic acids in the Leuna-Werke.

In 2005, our carboxylation plant was taken over by the company Infatrade (UK) LTD.

In October 2005 the production of para-hydroxybenzoic acid started. Para-hydroxybenzoic acid is a basic element for the production of cosmetical products and liquid crystal polymers. Moreover, LCP GmbH produces different cresotic acids which are used as organic intermediates and potassium sulphate which, among others, is used as fertilizer.

Facts about LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant

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