Polyplastics Completes Acquisition of German Monomer Supplier for LCP

10-Sep-2012 - Germany

Polyplastics Co., Ltd. announced the completion of the acquisition of 100% ownership of LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH ("LCPG"), a German supplier of p-HBA (p-hydroxybenzoate, a key monomer for liquid crystal polymer), from Infatrade (UK) Ltd., London.

The liquid crystal polymer ("LCP") is one of the super engineering plastics and has excellent properties such as heat resistance, dimensional stability, flowability and moldability. In recent years, LCP is mainly applied to key electronic parts of cutting-edge IT devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Thanks to their booming popularity, an exponential increase in demand is expected. Polyplastics believes that the acquisition will help strengthen the technical advantage of its LCP business through the research and development process to the production process, i.e., from raw material monomers to finished resin products, and will enable a stable supply of higher-quality products to customers.

Regarding the business operation of LCPG, the present LCPG management team will carry on the business with existing valued customers as before. Furthermore, LCPG will maintain the responsibility for supply of p-HBA and related products with required investments in quality improvement and expansion of productivity.

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