Located near the seaport zone of Lima, the capital of Peru, Industrias Electro Químicas (IEQSA) is the largest industrial complex dedicated to zinc transformation in Peru, and all of South America.

Its operations include the production of metallurgical zinc derivatives such as alloys, rolled zinc (plates, sheets and coils), calots for the manufacture of zinc-carbon batteries, powders for alkaline batteries, zinc strips for electrochemical applications, letterpress plates, anodes for electroplating, etc., and chemical products such as zinc oxide. IEQSA's exports reach satisfied clients throughout the world.

We are not a giant among metal industries worldwide - but we are certainly a modern and efficient installation, with the strength of a young nation which can boast one of the world's oldest metallurgical traditions. Special emphasis and care is placed on quality control. We will do absolutely the best at your service... and that important difference, service, will make you prefer us. We don't need to be the greatest to do great things for you.

If your needs have anything to do with zinc, please consult us. We have a wide range of metallurgical and chemical derivatives at your entire disposal - and a will to serve you, that only a company of our size can have.

Facts about IEQSA
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of IEQSA

Product portfolio

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