In ANALTEC we are aware of the present needs of reliable, accurate and precise data results in a laboratory, that can change the standards of life of human beings; as a result ANALTEC is improving their daily activities, for fullfiling those demands, consecuently all of our instruments and products have been designed with cutting edge technology according to international regulations and standards of quality, reaching high levels of life and wellfare.

ANALISIS TECNICOS LTDA Well-known and registered under the name of ANALTEC, since the beginnings in 1979 is dealing with suitable suppliers, evaluating the requirements of clinical laboratories performing successful sales and installations, giving continuous assistance and technical support with frequently training courses after the sale in routine procedures for handling reagents and scientific instruments of advanced technology. To maintain an excellent reputation in local and foreign markets, ANALISIS TECNICOS LTDA has a very close relationship with the customers looking for their complete satisfaction after the sale with a very well trained staff and using efficiently their human, technical and financial resources under an aggressive strategy of sales and after sale support. Today, ANALISIS TECNICOS LTDA has proven their abilities supporting successfully more than 2000 installations in many areas of application on the labs of the most highlighted and well known industries, universities, hospitals and health institutions around the country and worldwide.

Facts about ANALTEC
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

Product portfolio of ANALTEC

Product portfolio

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