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ERGO Forschungsgesellschaft is an experienced service provider in analytical and technical environmental protection. The company was founded in 1983. Its first customers and orders were from the food, drink and tobacco industry. Beginning in 1984 work in the environmental analysis sector (especially for dioxins and furans) has been gaining in importance. Today we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services featuring the following key areas of analysis:

* Air emissions * Airborne pollutants * Water/Soil/Gases * Analysis of indoor air/work environment * Analysis of products and production materials * Testing of human, animal and plant tissue samples, etc.

We also specialise in:

* Environmental consulting * Research and development

For tasks related to these fields ERGO Forschungsgesellschaft will act as your competent and independent partner. Our customers are principally small to medium-sized companies as well as corporations and also government institutions at the national, regional and local level. We also work for foreign companies and other institutions.

ERGO provides analytic services using state-of-the-art technology. We use GC/MS systems for routine testing and making structural and ultra-trace analyses.

Our top-quality service is based on the people who work at ERGO. They put their experience and knowledge in a broad range of technical and scientific disciplines to work for you. The unique capabilities of each specialist constitute a pool of expertise that can meet the specific demands of any customer. ERGO Forschungsgesellschaft Hamburg currently employs 37 specialists from the fields of chemistry, engineering, metrology and laboratory technology.

Facts about Eurofins
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Employees: 10,001+
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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