About Institut Prof. Dr. Jäger

The Institut Prof. Dr. Jaeger is prepared to solve almost any kind of problem on the environmental sector and accordingly offers the most modern technical analyzing apparatus to do so any time.

* Analysis of drinking water, water for industrial use, water used for swimmingpools, mineral wate * Calculations needed for the mixing of different types of well waters intended for human use * Analysis and advisory work on the calculation of preparing plants for drinking and waste water * Federal programs on the analysis of subsoil waters * Microbiology * Analysis of communal and industrial waste waters, refuse analysis * Examinations on the behaviour of industrial wastes on dumping-grounds * Judgements of soil and sewage sludge on behalf of the (German) sewage sludge ordinance * Measurements on the amount of oxygen necessary for the functioning of sewage water filter plants * Examinations on old dumps and attending the reconstruction of old dumps * Emission measurements, measuring programs on immissions, analysis of at-work-conditions * Limnology, analysis of fresh waters and fish dyings * Determinations of dioxines and furanes (PCDD's and PCDF's) in any kind of medium (water, soil, air, waste, etc.) * Analysis of food stuffs * Calibration and Control of function of CEM-Systems * Elementar analysis

Facts about Institut Prof. Dr. Jäger
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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Product portfolio

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