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SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG was started on January 1st, 1991 by a group of experienced engineers (chemical, electronical, software and marketing) in Riedikon, Switzerland.

SWAN is dedicating its efforts exclusively to the development, manufacturing and sale of instruments for the water industry.

The power industries as well as the semiconductor manufacturers rely on SWAN instrumentation worldwide. SWAN has also set the standard for the control of many other water quality parameters in applications ranging from swimming pools to effluent treatment.

SWAN is represented worldwide with its own organization or with independent partners.

The company is 100% employee-owned.

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    SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG

    Swan Analytical Instruments -- State of the art measuring- and control instruments for perfect water quality SWAN has been a global leading provider of on-line analytical systems in the water industry. SWAN, a company entirely dedicated to water analysis, develops, produces and sells techn ... more

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