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Whether in Europe, Asia, the Middle East or the Americas: When things get critical, Beck's innovative technology is used almost everywhere in the world. The tailor-made pressure monitors and pressure sensors monitor limit values of positive and negative pressures as well as differential pressures with high intrinsic safety. Certified quality products, which are manufactured by our specialists exclusively at the company headquarters in Germany - and which have been securing Beck's leading position on the international industrial market for more than five decades. With a water level indicator for household washing machines, Walter Beck laid the foundation for today's company. Shortly thereafter, he developed a membrane pressure switch for monitoring the water level for the first washing machine. After a stormy period of growth, Beck developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of pressure switches for household appliances in the 1960s. In the mid-seventies, Beck opened up new sales markets and expanded his customer base with a variety of industrial applications. In 1985 Beck introduced a differential pressure switch for fan monitoring in gas heaters. At the end of the eighties, Beck established itself with an adjustable differential pressure monitor for the monitoring of air filters and blowers in ventilation and air conditioning. In 2000, Beck added to its product range for this now-significant sales market with a differential pressure transducer, further expanding its global market position. In addition, Beck continues to see itself as a flexible niche provider of customer-specific pressure monitors and pressure transducers for original equipment manufacturers in a wide range of industries. This pronounced diversification of sales markets should be regarded as a key factor for the international market success achieved.

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