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Kiefer technic is the first point of contact for institutions in these areas. It is about compliance with specific standards and guidelines regarding hygiene and safety. It is also about creating optimal conditions for efficient operation - and of meeting all requirements as economically as possible. Kiefer technic enjoys an excellent reputation and is considered a reliable partner. Decades of experience with the specific requirements in this area and a unique professional know-how have decisively contributed to this. And, of course, the consistent product quality and professional project handling. On this basis, we address the different requirements of operators, personnel, hygienic responders and technical services. In order to provide a perfectly functioning whole. Kiefer technic is also the only manufacturer to develop and produce completely different furnishing elements in-house. The comprehensive range of products ranges from wall systems to doors and metal furniture to medical cooling and heating cabinets. All products can be combined. The result is always one-size units.

Facts about Harald Kiefer Metallbau
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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Product portfolio

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