For over 25 years DIGMESA has been producing the highest quality precision flowmeters for the food and non-food sectors. With these devices, wine, beer, fruit juices, cola, syrup, mineral water, milk, acids, and alkalis, can be precisely measured, regulated, monitored and dispensed. Because of this the range of applications is exceptionally diverse, which is why DIGMESA is found in laboratories, hospitals, and research and production facilities, as well as in coffee machines, automatic washing machines and beer dispensing systems. Today, DIGMESA leads the market with their high precision liquid measuring capabilities. This is due to a superior design that enforces a measurement accuracy of ±2.0%, even in long-term operation; allowable temperature ranges between -10°C and +100°C; flow rates as low as 26ml/min and as high as 26L/min; and the capability of measuring liquids with a viscosity up to 8000 centistokes.

Facts about DIGMESA
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