About Future Pipe Industries

Future Pipe Industries B.V. in the Netherlands is part of the Future Pipe Group. The Future Pipe Group is a global leader and innovator in the fiberglass pipe and technology market. Through our manufacturing facilities, sales offices, technical engineering and research centers we are able to meet our client demands. Our global network spans the world with a presence in five continents employing over 4200 of the very best in the industry. We are strategically positioned to react and meet with our clients and deal with every market’s ever changing needs. With our services coupled with an adherence to innovation, quality, customer retention and satisfaction has allowed our growth to be embodied by stability and profitability. By sustaining our growth through continued research and development in the field of fiberglass pipe technology we are able to set the standards of our industry and continue to provide our clients with the best solution that will meet their requirements.

Facts about Future Pipe Industries
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Future Pipe Industries

Product portfolio

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