About Italvacuum

ITALVACUUM is one of the most known manufacturers of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production processes. Thanks to more than 75 years experience in vacuum process applications, ITALVACUUM has developed a wide range of original and patented products, including: - Paddle vacuum dryers with eccentric agitator with two independent movements (new multi-patented PLANEX System) - Rotary double cone vacuum dryers with electric lump-breakers (CRIOX System) - Tray vacuum dryers with the new patented C.I.P. MULTISPRAY Fast Washing System for carrying out the cleaning operations of the drying chamber and inner shelves (MULTISPRAY Cabinet Dryer) - Paddle vacuum dryers with concentric agitator, fitted with a shaft dismountable in sections movements (new CosmoDry System) - Cylindrical rotary vacuum dryers (Tumble Dryer) - Low maintenance LubriZero vacuum pumps for continuous operation in demanding applications (Saurus939). ITALVACUUM is a company with ISO 9001 certification. Through the continuous quality control in the whole production cycle, all Italvacuum machines comply with the main European regulations (EC, ATEX, PED) and with the ever more severe FDA rules and cGMP norms. Service means to us to guide customers from the moment they approach our technology, giving them the possibility to follow the installation planning and construction, up to the utilization of the plant during the years, guaranteeing our constant support for any necessity. Our service range includes: - engineering service - pilot trials - customer service.

Facts about Italvacuum
  • Founding: 1939
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Italvacuum

Product portfolio

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